I am offering my passion for words, attention to detail and unwavering focus.

As a natural storyteller, communication specialist and writer of my own stories and blogs, I like to help my clients bring their brands, businesses and ideas to life through the power of well-crafted content. No matter if you need me to write your stories, edit or proofread them or even promote them, my unique work and life experience have helped me extend my skills in all of those areas.

Blending together my PR and marketing background and passion for writing, I love to create content that aims to increase brand awareness.

Profiling people, businesses and their stories on an expert level combined with empathy and real interest to capture their voice and passions within the story.

This can be anything from journalistic writing, blog stories, website or social media content.

A surface check of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style for a project that’s almost ready to publish and does not need substantial revision. 

Expert guidance in reworking and polishing trouble spots to optimise the reading experience, help you earn trust and get the results you want.

I can offer you my eye for detail and assist with proofreading, copyediting and formatting.

Combining my degree, work experience and passion for lifestyle and entertainment, I’d love to tell the world about your brand.

Generating positive publicity whilst protecting, enhancing or building reputations through media, social media or other mediums.

Let’s create a marketing plan together, write your press release and connect you with the media and public.

With many years of experience in the project management sector, I love order and routine.

Assisting you and your business online to meet deadlines, get projects over the line and stay in touch with your clients.

I can help you write grants, prepare pdf documents or book your appointments.

As a German native, I offer my bilingual services to help you reach more people with your projects.

Whether you need documents translated from English to German or vice versa, I can assist.

If you require a wing woman during a bilingual project, I can help you shine.

My story is unique and teaches gratitude and resilience following adversity.

If you are looking for someone to inspire your audience or create a workshop element, I can talk about my journey and share my learnings.

My brain child Humans of KI has raised over $88,000 so far and others can benefit from my experience.

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

Mark Twain

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