Blending together my PR & marketing background and experience with my passion for writing, I create copy and content that aims to increase brand awareness.


At whatever level your writing is at, I can help you polish it. No matter if a surface check of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style for a nearly published project or one that is just getting started, I bring my expert eyes and passion to help you excel and look more professional. 


My copyediting services will refine your writing. Expert guidance in reworking and polishing trouble spots to optimise the reading experience will help you earn trust and get the results you want. This may include revising or restructuring passages of text. I am also happy to adapt my editing to your requirements.


Born in Germany, English was my first second language in school and I studied it for 10 years, followed by many years of working for an American company on a day-to-day basis proofreading and copywriting texts. As a German native, I can offer translations vice versa.


From extensive work experience around the world, I offer professional event management, publicity and talent management services for your business, brand or product.

I am offering my passion for words, attention to detail and unwavering focus.

As a natural storyteller, communication specialist and writer of my own stories and blogs, I like to help my clients bring their brands, businesses and ideas to life through the power of well-crafted content. No matter if you need me to write your stories, edit or proofread them or even promote them, my unique work and life experience have helped me extend my skills in all of those areas.

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

Mark Twain

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