Storytelling, Proofreading, Editing and PR Services

Are you trying to find the right words for your business?

As a natural storyteller, communication specialist and writer of my own stories and blogs, I like to help my clients bring their brands, businesses and ideas to life through the power of well-crafted content. No matter if you need me to write your stories, edit or proofread them or even promote them, my unique work and life experience has helped me extend my skills in all of those areas.

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

~ Mark Twain

Why hire a proofreader or copy editor?

Most good writers know they have to revise and reread their writing once they’ve completed a rough draft but it’s nearly impossible for them to catch every mistake. They will often read what they think they wrote instead of what is actually on the paper. Hiring a proofreader and copy editor to act as an objective reader and to look for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors will always be more efficient; this second set of eyes does not have any emotional attachment to the work.

I am offering my passion for words, attention to detail and unwavering focus.

My proofreading services will polish your writing, my editing services will refine your writing. My storytelling talents and passion for writing and grammar will help you reach the right people. My job is to preserve your voice and ensure a flawless reading experience for your audience. Clear, error-free content will help you earn that trust and get the results you want.

What I can offer YOU

No matter if you, or your business, need one of the below services or a combination of them, I would love to hear about your projects. Just send through some information and together we can find a suitable pricing plan.

Due to my German background, I also offer translations from English to German and vice versa plus bilingual proofreading.

Proofreading & Editing

A surface check of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style for a project that’s almost ready to publish and does not need substantial revision. 

Expert guidance in reworking and polishing trouble spots to optimise the reading experience, help you earn trust and get the results you want.

Copywriting & Storytelling

Blending together my PR & marketing background and passion for writing, I love to create content that aims to increase brand awareness.

Profiling people and their stories on an expert level combined with empathy and real interest to capture their voice and passions within the story.

Public Relations & Marketing

Combining my degree, extensive work experience and passion for lifestyle and entertainment, I am here to help tell the world about your newest project and brand.

Generating positive publicity whilst protecting, enhancing or building reputations through media, social media or other communication mediums.

Perfection does never have any absolute value, it doesn’t mean proofreading has no importance.

~ Anwesha

My passion project and the way I tell stories

Humans of Kangaroo Island was born in early 2020 during the first round of Covid-19 self-isolation and after our children and me had to relocate into a new community following a devastating bushfire destroying our home.

This project had the intention of closing the gap Covid and fires had created and bring a new feeling of togetherness and a sense of belonging. It captures our island’s culture, history and identity beautifully and has been a big part of many people’s mental recovery after the Black Summer Fires.

Now, Humans of Kangaroo Island is so much more. I share stories to uplift and inspire people, to make them think, capture their identity and story beautifully, help them share their emotions while we have a greater impact with fundraising projects as well.