Who am I after the fires?

Did I ever think afterwards, So this is how my life turned out, this is who I am, a homeless mother of two? No, you’re just so busy surviving, you don’t think about those things. The view of your world changes, though. I now meet people and wonder what kind of grief, tragedy or disappointmentContinue reading “Who am I after the fires?”

I had to get over my grief

It is amazing how many stages of grief a person can go through in a very short time. Grieving anything, or anyone can be individually heartbreaking but also cleansing and full of personal growth. The day my husband returned to us to tell us we were now a homeless family – after everything he hadContinue reading “I had to get over my grief”

Our wedding anniversary marks a new beginning

After way too much social distancing from my husband the last two weeks due to fencing on the farm, I decided to visit him today for our wedding anniversary to give each other a much needed hug, drop off many frozen meals, look at the cleaned up house site and support him in all theContinue reading “Our wedding anniversary marks a new beginning”

Life after ‘our fire’ as the wife of a volunteer fire fighter

January 11th 2020 Here I am again. It’s 10.30pm.I only just realised I hadn’t eaten dinner (or breakfast). So I opened one of the cans the Red Cross gave us to have an easy meal and avoid cooking. I hate the smell of food with my gut in knots for days, nothing wants to goContinue reading “Life after ‘our fire’ as the wife of a volunteer fire fighter”