An unwanted heaviness

Dreaming about big things is what is natural to human beings. We yearn to travel the world, run our own business, be successful, have a family, be rich, be strong, be smart; the list of goals and dreams is endless. When I first left school, I just wanted to follow my dreams—even though I amContinue reading “An unwanted heaviness”

TADAAAAA – we have a new GoFundMe Update

Thank you to all those of you still thinking of us and asking for an update of our current situation. We are all healthy and have been for months. Covid-19 did not affect us as much as many of you others out there around the globe, we are very lucky to be naturally isolated onContinue reading “TADAAAAA – we have a new GoFundMe Update”

Raising bilingual children while becoming multi-linguistic myself

When I first intended on raising my children bilingual, I had only lived in Australia for about three-and-a-half years and even though my English was very very good, I was still predominantly dreaming and thinking in German. It was a few years ago, when I felt the switch happen. I started to NOT blend outContinue reading “Raising bilingual children while becoming multi-linguistic myself”

Anzac Day gratitude for bushfire support by Australian and New Zealand army forces

This year has been the first year for me, a German immigrant to Australia, to fully feel the impact and importance of the Australian and NZ army forces and feel the gratitude many feel on Anzac Day. I never really got it before. It might be because in my country we feel like we aren’tContinue reading “Anzac Day gratitude for bushfire support by Australian and New Zealand army forces”

I had to get over my grief

It is amazing how many stages of grief a person can go through in a very short time. Grieving anything, or anyone can be individually heartbreaking but also cleansing and full of personal growth. The day my husband returned to us to tell us we were now a homeless family – after everything he hadContinue reading “I had to get over my grief”