An unwanted heaviness

Dreaming about big things is what is natural to human beings. We yearn to travel the world, run our own business, be successful, have a family, be rich, be strong, be smart; the list of goals and dreams is endless. When I first left school, I just wanted to follow my dreams—even though I amContinue reading “An unwanted heaviness”

Who am I after the fires?

Did I ever think afterwards, So this is how my life turned out, this is who I am, a homeless mother of two? No, you’re just so busy surviving, you don’t think about those things. The view of your world changes, though. I now meet people and wonder what kind of grief, tragedy or disappointmentContinue reading “Who am I after the fires?”

Anzac Day gratitude for bushfire support by Australian and New Zealand army forces

This year has been the first year for me, a German immigrant to Australia, to fully feel the impact and importance of the Australian and NZ army forces and feel the gratitude many feel on Anzac Day. I never really got it before. It might be because in my country we feel like we aren’tContinue reading “Anzac Day gratitude for bushfire support by Australian and New Zealand army forces”

Our wedding anniversary marks a new beginning

After way too much social distancing from my husband the last two weeks due to fencing on the farm, I decided to visit him today for our wedding anniversary to give each other a much needed hug, drop off many frozen meals, look at the cleaned up house site and support him in all theContinue reading “Our wedding anniversary marks a new beginning”